Web Development

Web Development

With many years experience in full stack web development, we can offer a full solution to your website development requirements. Whether this is simple static build from Photoshop prototypes or a more involved technical solution, we can offer a service to suit.

If web content management is on your radar - whether to use one or for development or migration advice - we can provide expert advice and consultancy in this area as well. We have experience in commercial WCM products as well as experience in development of bespoke WCM systems.


We have recently embarked on WordPress consultancy and plugin development. We currently have a plugin accepted into the WordPress plugin repository as well as offering a bespoke connector for surfacing your CMS content in WordPress.

Details of the JCMS plugins can be found here.

Client-side Build & Development

We have extensive experience with translation of prototype images or HTML templates into production-quality websites using various CMS templating systems or indeed manual build. Modern techniques and frameworks are used to ensure a robust and responsive result.

Expertise in HTML, CSS And JavaScript generally and frameworks like JQuery and PureIO in particular ensure that we can realise your vision for a fluid and dynamic web application, should you require a sophisticated solution to embellish your basic site.

Please get in touch for a deeper conversation regarding your website needs.

Server-side Development

More sophisticated web development usually requires some server-side technologies in addition to the client-side build. This may be to surface database content, use remote content in an AJAX application, integrate with business applications etc.

The years of prior commercial experience in developing integrated solutions before starting JCMS means that we have experience of, and can offer sophisticated end-to-end development should you need this.

Please get in touch for a more in-depth conversation.

When required, we can offer integration services as part of a build.

Examples of integration work include...

  • AJAX integrations (Google Maps, Twitter, bespoke customisations)
  • Search integrations (Cludo, Google Search Engine)

Please see the integrations section for a more in-depth discussion of these.