JCMS WordPress Theme

JCMS WordPress Proof-of-Concept Theme


Have you noticed that a lot of WordPress themes look alike? This is in no small part due to the availability of a number of starter themes. Now, this is of course no bad thing as it enables rapid development and up-skilling.

At JCMS, we wanted to demonstrate that a WordPress site can be presented as a standard, hierarchical, page-based website benefitting from all the features of the WordPress engine. To that end, a proof-of-concept theme was developed to include the following features:

  • Page, not post, based
  • Page hierarchy
  • Automated breadcrumb navigation
  • Automated site navigation
  • Automated content summary

The JCMS website is static, with panel-based jump and content pages. The colour scheme and panel widths are all manually curated, so to automate this required some compromises:

  • Automated generation of smaller jump panels linking to child pages
  • automated truncation of content for display in jump panels
  • Display of page content in large panel below jump panels