RedDot CMS: Case Studies

BAXI trade sub-domain


A collaborative piece of work for BDR Thermea's BAXI division. JCMS provided the CMS-specific expertise and some IIS administration; with AlphaQuad providing the design and project management.

The previous iteration of the website was moving from the RedDot CMS platform to another technology. The 'Trade' section of the old site was to be retained on the RedDot platform, but migrated to a sub-domain ( with some template modifications to incorporate the new design header and footer. The JCMS actions therefore were:

  • Rationalise existing project
  • Implement template changes
  • Configure new publishing target
  • Map IIS website serving new published project to trade subdomain
  • Publish

Project rationalisation

This involved removal and rearranging of much of the project content.

Removal of redundant content

RedDot CMS [or any CMS for that matter] tends to accumulate redundant and duplicated content, pages and assets. This is in practice very difficult to control, particularly if there are multiple authors using the system. Therefore, the first step for this project was a project-wide refactoring and deletion exercise. The project was copied first of course...

Re-work project hierarchy

The Trade section was already correct in terms of information architecture, so the trade homepage was re-defined as the site index page. This left all the other sections as orphaned pages. These were therefore removed from the project and deleted from the database.

Template changes

A new design was provided that included the header and footer to be used to wrap the existing design in the RedDot project. This involved some changes to the so-called 'foundation' template as well as a few additional templates and associated assets (images, CSS etc.).

Publication target

The refactored copy of the RedDot project was published to a new filesystem location to allow the pre-existing and new baxi sites to co-exist. This of course allowed for rapid switching of DNS at go-live time.

IIS Configuration




Potterton new design template implementation