RedDot CMS

Support & Training

With many years' experience with RedDot CMS, we are well placed to provide expert consultancy, support and advice with technical challenges you may have. We can offer one-off or ongoing support so please contact us if this is something you are interested in.

We can also provide bespoke training or mentoring engagements for your existing deployment that can greatly embellish the generic training provided by the vendor. I know this because I have delivered the core RedDoc CMS courses when I worked for OpenText.

These courses, while excellent at conveying the core concepts, are often difficult to translate into your website's authoring and development processes, particularly for a new team.

We can translate these core concepts into focused procedures or techniques for your specific requirements. For further info, please contact us.


The Red Dot CMS product is currently at Release 16. Don't worry, there was not a version 12, 13, 14 or 15... There is a wide spread of versions out in the field, mostly clustered around versions 10 and 11.

We can offer advice around upgrading. Whether this is within a major release, perhaps limited by existing hardware; or whether to a shiny new release, we have the expertise to advise as to your options. Note that if you are on early version 11 release (11.0.n - 11.1.n) you would definitely benefit from the straightforward upgrade to at least version as this offers a significant and immediately noticeable increase in performance on the same hardware.

Please get in touch if this is of interest.


RedDot CMS offers several distinct approaches for development. These include:

  • Inline RQL
  • Inline Render Tags
  • Plug-ins
  • Manipulation by external applications via RQL interface

One or more of these, perhaps in combination with client-side web development, can offer powerful development options for extending RedDot CMS, without the licence expense of the companion Delivery Server product.

Please get in touch for more info.


To maximise any CMS usefulness and lifespan, the ability to adapt and integrate with your other applications is important. RedDot CMS offers these features out-of-the-box. This can be enhanced by utilising the development capabilities to connect with third party application APIs.

For example, in the editorial environment:

  • Core product database connectors
  • Enhanced built-in specific product connectors (later versions only)
  • Option to develop bespoke connectors (later versions only)
  • RQL-based applications for complex content retrieval and injection

In addition, exposure and publication of structured data (XML/JSON) may be used to provide integration hooks in the post-publication environment.

For further details, please contact us for more info.

'Headless' CMS

There is a current trend for so-called 'headless' CMS systems. That is, provision of content deliberately divorced from a presentation layer such that other applications can easily consume the content. This usually means that the content is provided in a structured form such as XML or JSON, including the content itself and any associated metadata (lifecycle information, keywords etc.)

As for Obtree WCM, Red Dot WCM is capable of providing content in this way. It is straightforward to expose post-publication content as XML or JSON, by using the out-of-the-box template variant methodology.

Further, the underlying RQL interface potentially allows development of a programmatic bridge that exposes content as structured data in the editorial environment. This may be to simply expose the content, or to programmatically modify the data. This of course will depend on requirements.

We believe that this model can extend the life of your software , particularly if there has been many years of editorial investment in content creation.

If this is something you wish to explore further, please get in touch.

Details of some prior work with RedDot WCM can be found here. A summary is below.

  • BAXI trade sub-domain
  • Potterton new design template implementation