Obtree WCM


With more than 10 years' experience with Obtree WCM, we are well placed to provide support and advice with technical challenges you may have. We can offer one-off or ongoing support so please get in touch if this is something you are interested in.

We can also provide bespoke training or mentoring engagements for your existing deployment to embellish the generic training provided by the vendor. I know this because I have delivered the generic Obtree courses when I worked for OpenText.

These courses, while excellent at conveying the core concepts, are often difficult to translate into your website's authoring and development processes, and we can translate these core concepts into focused procedures or techniques for your specific requirements. For further info, please contact us.


Obtree WCM was retired as an active product several years ago by OpenText. Consequently, the last release was version 9.8.4 in 2011.

However, you may be on an older version. We always recommend updating to the most recent version, particularly if you are on a 9.7.n or earlier release.

We can offer advice and assistance should you wish to upgrade and/or transfer to a more up-to-date platform. We have confirmed that Obtree 9.8.4 will run on Server 2008 and Server 2012, though it is not officially supported on the latter operating system.

please contact us to discuss upgrading to Obtree version 9.8.4.


We can provide a full development offering using the underlying power of the Obtree WCM software.

In addition to the powerful core user and content management features allowing us to build bespoke and focused editorial interfaces and processes, Obtree WCM also offers a wide variety of full application development features, that were significantly ahead of its time when first released in the early 2000s.

Such features are many and varied. Examples are:

  • a full server-side application development language exposing all aspects of the system as extensible objects
  • the ability to use highly sophisticated template control flags, right from the administrator interface
  • easy exposure of Obtree WCM APIs to external sources (built-in and customisable SOAP interfaces)
  • Customisable and extensible editorial clients

please contact us for further details.


The power of the Obtree WCM development features mean that should you wish to integrate with other applications, Obtree WCM is almost always able to do so. The summary in the 'Develop' box notes a couple of such methods. A combination of these and others will likely be able to provide for your needs.

We can...

  • Use content from external database
  • Use content provided as XML/JSON data
  • Use 3rd party web APIs (REST, SOAP, WebDAV)
  • Use deeper programmatic integrations (Java, LDAP, virtual objects)
  • Offer APIs for 3rd party integration to Obtree WCM

please contact us for more information.

'Headless' CMS

There is a current trend for so-called 'headless' CMS systems. That is, provision of content deliberately divorced from a presentation layer such that other applications can easily consume the content. This usually means that the content is provided in a structured form such as XML or JSON, including the content itself and any associated metadata (lifecycle information, keywords etc.)

Although not originally designed with this in mind, Obtree WCM is eminently suited for this role. It is extremely simple to expose the content as XML, more-or-less out of the box.

Further, because of the underlying object model, it is also straightforward to build a REST interface for editing of the content, should that be a requirement

We believe that this model can extend the life of your software , particularly if there has been many years of editorial investment in content creation.

If this is something you wish to explore further, please get in touch.

Details of some prior work with Obtree CMS can be found here. A summary of recent work is below.

  • Hounslow Borough Council Cludo Search integration