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After 16 years experience at OpenText, I started my own consultancy offering specialist support and service for existing users of OpenText WCM products Management Server (Red Dot) and Presentation Server (Obtree) as well as general web development and open source web content management system support.

We can offer:

  • Planning
  • Template build
  • Technical build
  • Integrations
  • User training
  • Content strategy

In addition, we have expertise in web content management principles generally and can offer assistance should you be planning to migrate away from these products.

We also offer core website development services including HTML/CSS build, JavaScript/JQuery bespoke work, server-side integrations (ASP, .NET, Java etc.), open source CMS services, including WordPress.

In addition to core legacy WCM product support, we offer deeper integration and custom build services for these products.

Originally released as C3 and then C4 in early 2000's by Swiss company Obtree, this highly sophisticated dynamic, real time web content management and application platform was eventually acquired by OpenText. It was re-branded several times, eventually stabilising as 'OpenText Web Content Management Presentation Server', or simply 'Presentation Server'.

The web-based editorial interface is highly customisable, allowing very sophisticated user interface development, with the ability to customise of all aspects of content lifecycle management. Further, because of the very forward-looking API features (SOAP client and server capability, WebDAV, full-featured scripting layer), the editorial environment can be customised and integrated with a wide variety of technologies.

The highly object-oriented design of the objects used to construct rendered pages and the object based nature of the scripting layer (essentially server-side JavaScript, with extensions specific to the sophisticated object model) ensures that Obtree is an extremely capable application development platform, as well as an accomplished web content management system. It also has the unique feature of a full Windows application as the development environment.


Prior to coming under the OpenText umbrella, RedDot CMS was part of the WCM suite owned by HummingBird. Like Obtree, RedDot went though some name changes to become known as 'OpenText Web Site Management (WSM)'. This suite is comprised of WS Management Server and WS Delivery Server. Management Server is the authoring and publishing environment and Delivery Server is the personalisation and deep integration platform.

The author/publish content lifecycle enforces strict separation of editorial and post-publish rendered display. This separation also enforces a very specific customisation and integration model - integration from post-publication must rely on either published server-side code (which may include integration with Delivery Server), or client-side AJAX integration.

Alternatively, sophisticated application development can be undertaken in the editorial environment. This can include internal content and object manipulation and integration with external content sources via SOAP.


There is a current trend for implementing decoupled or 'headless' CMS systems. Essentially, the concept is to separate the content authoring completely from the presentation. The presentation is handed off to another platform or platforms. The idea of course is to allow presentation of a given piece of content on any target.

What this means in practice is that the content management system exposes the content as structured data, rather than pre-formatted HTML. This structured output can be, for example, XML or JSON of a specified structure exposed as REST responses.

We can expose your Obtree WCM or RedDot CMS data via a REST API as structured data.

Therefore, your existing content can be re-purposed very easily without the need for replacing your CMS or migrating the content.


With more than 20 years experience of web technologies, we also offer more general web development. We can advise on both server and client-side requirements, ranging from simple flat website build to full server-side application development.

We can translate your page prototypes or Photoshop designs into a full website, or, we can offer a simple design service. We also have access to professional designers should a more enhanced service be needed.


We offer WordPress consultancy ranging from hosting advice, theme advice, blog or site structuring to existing plugin recommendation for your customisation needs.

We also offer more involved consultancy or customisation for your WordPress site server-side development requirements, ranging from simple custom templating to complex plugin build.



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